Apr 2, 2014

ZARA Black Amber Eau De Toilette review

Zara Black Amber is a spicy addition to the brand's affordable scents. This perfume ups the game as it smells like high end for the price. Also being my first post from the Arabian desert, this oud-like scent is apt to review.

Quantity - 50 ml
Price - INR 790

On first spray it is citrus and strong, but in seconds it turns sweet and woody. I feel its a versatile perfume with rich notes of amber without the heaviness. Black Amber seems a mix of spices, dark wood and aromatic oils wrapped in sheets of velvet. Still the fragrance is smooth and your nose would not get a spank out of it. What hurts me is although being a woody scent, it wears off quickly (2-3 hours) even after spraying heavily.

The box is black with gold lining which seems classic and Chanel-esque. The uniquely carved glass bottle with gold cap is a gradient black and looks very beautiful. Packaging is well thought upon and complements the scent housed inside. Looking at the price, packaging and scent, I feel Black Amber is a gem of Zara products.

Recommendation - Black Amber is well suited for night and feels quite original if one is not a perfume expert.


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