Mar 16, 2013

The Body Shop Jolly Orange Body Butter review

I came to know about body butters through The Body Shop and was hooked on to this product for a while. Well not anymore. Jolly Orange body butter is described as aromatic moisturiser with orange seed oil.

Price - SAR 69
Quantity - 200 ml

Till the time my love for body butters lasted I bought two, Moringa and then Jolly Orange. So here is review for one of them. The texture is very smooth and really feels like thick butter, but one that is heavily scented. It applies well on the skin but settles on the top layer. My skin feels moisturised for whole day but if I use water or sweat then it comes off. One does not need to reapply the cream though. The cream is apt for dry, parched skin all year long. The scent is heavy and citrus but not like oranges. On application, for few hours the scent is too heavy and does not make me feel jolly. The heavy scent and wearing off in water/sweat part took away my love from Body Shop body butters. The packaging is quite jolly to keep on your shelf. The orange packaging perks up the mood.

Recommendation - I would only suggest to people who really love heavy scents otherwise this product did not click with me.


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