Jun 17, 2013

Lancome Galatee Confort cleansing milk review

During the time in middle east, my skin became rough, patchy and prone to dry breakouts. Naturally, I became inclined towards cream based and soap free products. Lancome Galatee Confort is a cream based cleansing milk, suitable for dry to very dry skin while removing all makeup and dirt.

Quantity - 200 ml
Price - SAR 250

Galatee Confort is a white milky cleanser, not runny in texture and oil based. Among the first ingredients is mineral oil, which I feel interferes with the product's cleansing ability. The cleanser does not foam or lather, instead it applies as creamy layer. I take the required amount on cotton and remove the makeup in parts. It does not remove the makeup easily as 3-4 swipes are needed and too much cleanser is used up. It is emollient with honey and almond extracts, leaving a veil of oil residue on face. After washing with water, the skin feels soft and pampered with cream. No moisturiser is needed afterwards, there is enough oil on face.

Galatee Confort is heavily scented, although good but too much. Even after washing the face the scent will not reduce and if I run a fresh cotton over face, residual foundation could be seen. It is not very effective to clean tinted moisturiser, foundation and waterproof eye makeup.. Too gentle to clean full makeup and loads of cleansing milk required. At a hefty price, it only takes care of cleaning the dirt, light makeup  and provide moisture all night long. But the job is not complete here. The packaging is beautiful and can withstand travel.

Recommendation - Lancome Galatee Confort would only work as daily cleansing milk for bare face or less makeup. Very dry skin will love this but otherwise it is oily for other skin types. Disappointing product at the price.


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