Jun 19, 2013

Trending White Jeans: The Rock Chic with Clean Soul

Denim has been the star fabric of 2013 and fashion world has been eating, sleeping in them literally. Although denim is the wild child, the demon of high fashion and guilty of making people laze around in this blue fabric, but not owning denim is a sin. White jeans has emerged as the showstopper this season and I name it "The Rock Chic with Clean Soul". It is popular and a fresh hot cake depending on the way you style it. White jean owes its re-emergence to Miranda Kerr, Ashley Tisdale, Kate Moss and likes. Its a game changer by transitioning from day wear to evening style with a small change of the work shirt to a silky blouse.

Serious Business + Effortless StyleMiranda Kerr and Pippa Middleton team it with blazers, notice the shiny buttons.

Pop and Rock : White on white, biker jackets and wayfarers, white jeans is the staple for rock chic.

(from left: Byrdie Bell, Karolina Kurkova, Rosie Huntington Whiteley)

Georgia May Jagger for H&M

Casual, Feminine and Colorful

Ashley Tisdale

Amanda Seyfried, Katie Holmes

(1. Vince Skinny White 2. 7 For All Mankind 3. Current/Elliott Stiletto Sugar 4. Isabel Marant Galix Skinny)

White jeans may not have the slimming effect of black but a pristine, crisp white pair is a head turner on the street and all about style and looking trim. Add to it, that white jeans could be paired with any colored top, sheer blouses, linen and denim shirts. Owning a pair actually reduces the hard work of putting together an outfit.

The key is to pop out the white color by pairing it with colored top or white-on white. According to me, pairing white jeans with black / grey takes away the glory of this trend. Since the white is already basic, the monotony has to be broken by infusing color.

I also think that skinny white jean makes you look young and tall, that's a catch. Plus the variety of shoes and accessories that could be worn with is humongous. So get in shape and get a hold of this smart item, it's here to stay and is gonna give a run to its blue siblings.

Recommendation - Wear it super clean, as white is loved as pure white. Skinny is the approved fit for white jeans and do not shy away to wear bold accessories and your tallest heels. It demands the best of you.

images courtesy: nubry.com, blog.denimtherapy.com, harpersbazaar.com, golestaneh-fashionstore.blogspot.in, iheartcelebtrends.wordpress.com

Jun 17, 2013

Lancome Galatee Confort cleansing milk review

During the time in middle east, my skin became rough, patchy and prone to dry breakouts. Naturally, I became inclined towards cream based and soap free products. Lancome Galatee Confort is a cream based cleansing milk, suitable for dry to very dry skin while removing all makeup and dirt.

Quantity - 200 ml
Price - SAR 250

Galatee Confort is a white milky cleanser, not runny in texture and oil based. Among the first ingredients is mineral oil, which I feel interferes with the product's cleansing ability. The cleanser does not foam or lather, instead it applies as creamy layer. I take the required amount on cotton and remove the makeup in parts. It does not remove the makeup easily as 3-4 swipes are needed and too much cleanser is used up. It is emollient with honey and almond extracts, leaving a veil of oil residue on face. After washing with water, the skin feels soft and pampered with cream. No moisturiser is needed afterwards, there is enough oil on face.

Galatee Confort is heavily scented, although good but too much. Even after washing the face the scent will not reduce and if I run a fresh cotton over face, residual foundation could be seen. It is not very effective to clean tinted moisturiser, foundation and waterproof eye makeup.. Too gentle to clean full makeup and loads of cleansing milk required. At a hefty price, it only takes care of cleaning the dirt, light makeup  and provide moisture all night long. But the job is not complete here. The packaging is beautiful and can withstand travel.

Recommendation - Lancome Galatee Confort would only work as daily cleansing milk for bare face or less makeup. Very dry skin will love this but otherwise it is oily for other skin types. Disappointing product at the price.

Jun 15, 2013

Nivea Sun Moisturising Collagen Protect SPF 50 PA++ sunscreen review

Water and sunscreen are two life guards of good skin in prime of hot, dehydrating summers. In addition to caring about facial skin, other exposed skin also needs sunscreen. Especially our arms and neck tend to tan faster. I like Nivea Sun Moisturising Collagen Protect SPF 50 PA++ as a body sunscreen, provides moisture and protection from UVA / UVB rays.

Quantity - 75 ml
Price - INR 299

As mentioned on the packaging it is, absorbed quickly, non-greasy, non-oily, immediate protection, no need to wait in sun for 20 minutes, advanced collagen protect, protects the skin's collagen to help prevent wrinkles caused by frequent sun exposure and water resistant.

Nivea Collagen Protect sunscreen is a thick lotion, very moisturising and heavily scented. I love the hydration it gives, without looking oily or whitish. The key is to blend the sunscreen with circular motion, till it is absorbed by skin. For a while my skin shines like I have applied something oily but it goes away in 2-3 minutes. The lotion is not sticky and does not melt in heat. About the water resistant part, the sunscreen will not come out as residue if I use water. This is the good point about it.

Due to the thick texture, it takes time to blend evenly and I mix thin body lotion to ease the application. There is slight heaviness to it. SPF 50 works true to claim as I experience very less tanning compared to bare skin. The packaging is travel friendly. I have never used this on face so can't say it is prone to sweat. 

RecommendationNivea Collagen Protect sunscreen is a boon for dry, mature skin and I have enough reasons to keep buying this. However I would like to try something as good but without scent.

Jun 14, 2013

MAC Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15 review

Oh how I love these days in Bangalore, the skies laden with rain clouds, cool wind, the weekend urge in heart to travel somewhere nearby and my skin enjoying good days, all thanks to nature. Summer and monsoon are the times when I do not wish to slather on the foundation, powder and what not to the skin. It feels clogged and certainly does not enjoy those heavy layers. There comes the MAC Studio Moisture Tint to the rescue. Confessing the truth here, I am loyal to MAC Studio range, which has some quality products and have always worked for me. MAC Studio Moisture Tint has SPF 15 and comes in shade range suitable for Indian skin tones.

Quantity - 40 ml
Price - INR 1800
Shade - Medium Dark

As claimed on website,  A light, tinted moisturiser with SPF 15 and other skin-nourishing ingredients. An easy one-step finish specially suited for the season, this sheer tint provides just enough coverage to even out the skintone while creating a flawless protected, softly moisturised finish. Suitable for all skintones.

Since my skin needs moisture all year round, I picked this product for being 2-in-1 (moisture + tint). I just have to apply sunscreen underneath and use this tint to even out the skin tone on the outer sides of face - around the mouth, sides of nose, around eyes, side of cheeks and nearby hairline. I use it on days when my skin behaves well and is naturally bright. Studio Moisture Tint is apt to conceal the flaws here and there and still be light in finish.

It is creamy in texture but not oily, and the shade Medium is warm, well matched for my skin in summers (tends to get tanned). It works well as a tint with sheer coverage (do not expect to work it as foundation) and provides light hydration. MAC could have worked upon this area, as tinted moisturiser should be completely hydrating on its own. On bad skin days, it does not cut the usual step of using moisturiser as my skin is quite dry. Also this makes it unsuitable for winters, when it just sits on top of dry skin refusing to blend. The SPF is low for summers so sunscreen is unavoidable, but SPF 15 would do well for winters. The tint can conceal minor pigmentation / blemishes / dark spots as you can see in the blended swatch below. Also it soothes the redness of my sensitive skin.

On application, the tint feels cream like, but blends fast and does not leave any white cast. I apply it with fingers in dotted pattern on the required areas and move fingers towards the outer side to let it absorb. It sets somewhere near matte finish but no patches and I do not require to set it with powder unless more coverage - longevity is needed. The wear time of the tint alone is somewhere around 5-6 hours. However this is not water or sweat resistant. Studio Moisture Tint comes in tube packaging which is travel friendly and sturdy. What puts me off is the smell, which is bit plastic / rubber like, really needs to be worked upon. With all its pro and cons, I love its coverage and perfect shade.

Recommendation - Ignoring the smelly part, I would repurchase this for its concealing ability, light finish and comfortable wear. More suitable in daytime. It is a handy product in summers when one is in rush, does not want to spend much time and also the price is OK compared to the latest BB creams offered by Chanel, Dior, etc. I would be happy to explore the BB / tints by Pond's, Garnier Maybelline and Shiseido.