Mar 8, 2013

Movie Review: Chokher Bali, by Rituparno Ghosh

Chokher Bali is adapted from Rabindranath Tagore’s novel “Binodini”, the central character being a beautiful and young widow Binodini, played by Aishwarya Rai in the movie.

Chokher Bali is a nickname given by two friends to each other in addressing playfully. Binodini is a young widow who enters the household of Mahendra and Ashalata, soon garnering the attention of everybody in the family by her beauty and boldness. She becomes friends with Ashalata, the young and childish bride of the family, but soon the friendship goes through turmoil as Binodini and Mahendra (Ashalata’s husband) start an affair. This relation curses the household and both the women leave the house and go different ways. The movie brings out the emotions and vulnerable nature of young women who yearn for love and admiration, and even if a widow chained by rules, she longs to look beautiful, do shringaar and choose her soulmate.  Aishwarya’s acting is soft, nascent but strong. Raima Sen is as innocent as could be. Prosenjit disappoints and leaves the character undone.

Watch out for the innocent scenes of friendship between Binodini and Ashalata. Also when Binodini shows her knowledge and protests against the old traditions and beliefs which leave women helpless. The exquisite jewellery shown in the movie is sure to attract as is Aishwarya’s beauty. This movie with strong female portrayals is apt to be watched on this Woman's Day. Happy Woman's Day.


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