Dec 6, 2013

Ralph Lauren Big Pony 2 for Women Eau De Toilette review

Got this tiny mini perfume as gift from my best friend when it was launched in 2011. Some people swear by Ralph Lauren perfumes and they do spell quality. Big Pony 2 is very sweet, fruity fragrance and apt for young people. Among the hordes of fruity fragrances, this is flirty and makes people wonder. It smells so sweet that I think its edible. Big Pony 2 oozes of cranberry scent and housed in a pink bottle it looks like juiced cranberry.

The one I have is 15 ml bottle without a spray, but the cap works fine and there is no spillage. Not a very original or signature fragrance but makes a good gift for the holidays and upcoming summers. The fragrance is not heady but yummy and juicy, stays for 5-6 hours. I almost feel like surrounded by berries.

Recommendation - Buy it as your first perfume or a gift for someone. Holidays are here.


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  2. Thanks. Its a great perfume for summer, very fruity.


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