Dec 5, 2013

Zara White Eau De Toilette review

Clean, white winter days call for clean, fresh fragrance. Zara has been retailing a good range of fragrances in Bangalore recently at steal prices. White is such fresh, no-fuss perfume that one almost feels like spritzing on all washed clothes.

Quantity - 30 ml
Price - INR 590

I find the fragrance completely citrus, no flower notes and very feminine. The very first spritz brings out the images of sweet orange and grapefruit. Its an everyday perfume, nothing high end about it, but its price and quality is special. Zara White is clearly a day fragrance as it is fresh and fruity. You wear it more on daily jobs, going to markets or just some errands. It stays for 3-4 hours maximum being a light, breezy fragrance.

The white outer packaging is paper box and it opens up like a cigarette pack. The bottom half of box has engraving of rose flowers which confuses me, as I cannot smell any rose in the perfume. The bottle is glass and the cap is heavy plastic which is bit loose. This being a 30 ml perfume, I obviously wish to carry it around but the glass bottle is fragile and a loose cap calls for spillage. I have to handle it carefully even at home. Overall, its a great buy compared to designer perfumes and the small quantity gives me an option to try new ones.

Recommendation - Totally buy this reasonable perfume and wear it all the time.

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