Nov 22, 2013

HIP List: Winter Wishes

"Under the holly,
stands Little Polly,
wishing for her X'mas gifts.
Braving cold and snowy nights,
Dear Santa does night shifts."

Some lines I cooked up thinking about Christmas, New Year and all the things I wish for this winter.

1. Burgundy Jeans: I am gonna hunt for a fitted burgundy jeans or jeggings. Such a beautiful warm color in fitted form, transform myself into It-girl.

2. Luxurious felt hat: Don't know whether I can carry it off or not, but in love with felt hats.

3. Thick, lush brows: I adore Deepika Padukone's thick eyebrows framing her face and she totally rocks it. All you need is less plucking / threading and taming the wild hair. I regularly apply Vaseline on brows twice a day. And the truth is, Vaseline is a wonder brow gel.


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