May 14, 2013

Kenzo Pour Femme Once Upon A Time EDT review

Little story I came up with, for this special fragrance. Once upon a time in faraway Japan there lived a princess, black as raven her hair and white as swan her skin, she has been sleeping for so long that the nights never seemed to end. Only to be woken up by a scent with earth's depth, soaked in night rain and plush as velvet.

In modern times, the house of Kenzo churns out this oriental perfume in a royal looking garb. Kenzo Pour Femme Once Upon A Time was launched as their 40th anniversary limited edition perfume in 2010, guess I bought it in Oct-Nov that year. It is an Eau De Toilette 100 ml version. This is an intense perfume,  a mix of floral, spicy and earthy scent. If Chloe was summer and cool, then this perfume speaks winter and warm. When I tried Kenzo Femme there was absolute confusion what it smelled like but I loved it. Then after few uses it struck me, as absurd it may sound,  a mix of betel leaf and coffee. The floral notes open up with the caffeine concoction, hints of cardamom, cinnamon and something earthy. There is no citrus scent in it which makes Kenzo Femme stands apart from a hoard of citrus / fruity perfumes. The earthy and woody notes provides such depth to the perfume, from the very first spray it inclines to royal. Some might find this an unisex perfume. After spraying the perfume, there is a moist feel attached to it and the longevity is around 5-6 hours.
The packaging is in sync with fragrance, deep teal colored bottle with oriental illustration of flowers, dragon scales and polka dots, in shades of fuchsia. The bottle is very heavy metal, it won't break but not exactly travel friendly.

Recommendation - I feel Kenzo Femme is great for monsoon and cold weather. Kenzo perfumes are distinctive from other brands and this again is an addition to it. You won't find something similar to it. If you are a fan of heavy fragrance and Japanese dark stories allure you, then Kenzo Femme is game.


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