May 4, 2013

MAC Face and Body Foundation review

So here is the truth about the peaches and cream, flawless skin you see in photo shoots, magazine covers or even your friend who seems to have no dark spots or pigmentation. The wonder product - foundation. And aptly called, good foundation is the base for flawless, commendable makeup. MAC Face and Body Foundation, a much hyped backstage product was launched last year in India and I am gaga over it.

Quantity - 50 ml
Price- INR 1700

MAC Face and Body **the iron foundation :D

As claimed on website, MAC Face and Body is fluid foundation that provides low-to-medium buildable coverage and a flawless, natural satin-shine finish. Skin conditioning, water-resistant and long-wearing.

This foundation is lightweight and sheer-medium in application as I build it up slowly. If one has natural, healthy & clear skin, then this product is made for you as it provides my skin but better look. It does not cover any pigmentation, scars or spots, so I need a concealer for those spots. What it does is to even out the skin but still look natural. MAC Face & Body is suitable for dry skin as it gives a dewy finish and subtle shine. For oily skin, it might build up on the oil and sweat in these summers, since the foundation is no where close to matte.

On application, the texture feels cool and thin water-based lotion which disappears on the skin and slowly I layer it on. MAC Face & Body could be difficult to work with and needs some time as it can be streaky if not applied correctly. I apply foundation with fingers so I go section wise, apply few dots on one part, go in circular motion to layer it and slightly tap with fingers to blend the foundation into skin. I require two layers to be satisfied with the finish and even out any variations. Although this foundation is long wearing (6-7 hours), I still do the simple routine of base moisturiser / sunscreen, then applying Face & Body and setting it up with sheer coverage powder. This ensures the longevity and glow of skin.

Here is a video by MAC Artist Fatima Thomas on creating perfect skin through which I learnt to apply foundation using fingers. Here she tips to buff in the Face & Body foundation with fingers and what i really love about this video that this tutorial works for dusky skin like me,as it covers the under eyes and grey area around mouth and comes up with glowing prepped up skin. I will try to discuss this video in a detailed post.

About the water resistant part I am not sure but here is a cue to weather resistance. I have used this in winter (Jan-Feb) wedding season and it did not require re-application and kept the skin moisture intact, no dry patches. It photographed very well even in close up shots. In summers, if staying out in sun / hot environment then I need to blot the T-zone after 3-4 hours and re-apply the powder, although the foundation is intact.

The product shade range is great and Indian skin tones can definitely match to a shade. I use C3 which looks slight yellow and matches my medium-olive tone. It does not give patchy or whitish cast look. MAC Face & Body does not have any SPF so sunscreen underneath is must in summers. In summer daytime I go for a slight matte sunscreen with this and at night a light veil of MAC Studio Moisture cream. I have not used this on body so can't comment on that part.

The packaging is plastic bottle with nozzle which controls the thin flow of product and it has to be shaken before use. There is no fragrance and I have not experienced any sensitivity issues. For me this is a perfect regular foundation with hassle free medium coverage and reasonably priced.

Recommendation - MAC Face & Body is a boon for healthy maintained skin and absolute go to for fresh looking makeup. Dry skin would love it for the moisture it provides and dewy look.


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