Jun 16, 2012

Shiseido Perfect Rouge RD415 Lipstick

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. These words were penned by John Keats and still when I read these words, I can imagine a red rose with early morning dew still on its petals.
I am reviewing a true beauty - Shiseido Perfect Rouge RD415 Valentine Lipstick. The product claims to provide true intense color, all-day hydration and ultra-smoothing formula.
Shiseido Perfect Rouge RD415 Lipstick is a scarlet red with cream finish and a bit of shine. The color is opaque and intense. It does not bleed and I wear it without lip liner. On application lips feel soft and moisturized,  imparting a beautiful red rose color. It has no scent or taste which I like. The hydration and color lasts for more than 6 hours on me, which means that after shopping and dinner my lips are soft and matte red. Once applied the color would only come off with a waterproof makeup remover.

Recommendation - This lipstick is definitely recommended for fans of bold colors and red lips. Wear it for a rock show concert, it will survive the songs and shouts or on a romantic dinner to up the glamour.


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