Jun 19, 2012

Movie Review: Duma, by Carroll Ballard

Duma is an adventure movie with heart. It is a visual treat for nature-lovers as the movie captures the African wild with equally good story. Duma, an orphaned baby cheetah is found by an young boy Xan and his father. Xan and his parents take care of the cub on their South African ranch. When Xan and his mother move to city due to circumstances, Xan runs away from home to free duma in faraway wild. Xan and Duma set off in his father's old motorcycle but soon out of fuel and water. On the dry grasslands, they meet a man Rip. The three set off towards Kalahari desert confronting thirst, harsh nature, wild animals, desert fly attack and their mutual suspicions. On reaching a village Duma finds another cheetah and comes to Xan for a final goodbye.

Look out for the motorcycle scenes, the cuteness of baby cheetah and the friendship of Xan and Duma. the African desert scenes are intense but the realistic approach to the friendship of Xan and Duma conquers all.

Duma reminds of Timothy, the tiger cub of Ruskin Bond's story, A Tiger In The House.


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