Jun 17, 2012

Book Review: Brida, by Paulo Coelho

Brida is young girl of Irish origins, who goes to a wise person Magus to learn about magic & find answers which she believes are hidden in magic and miracles. He challenges her sleep alone at night in a scary forest, making her believe in her own faith on God and warding off her fears. As quoted in the book, the night is just a part of the day. She then meets a witch who teaches her the rituals to find the Gift of magic. Brida goes through dreams of her earlier lives and the question of finding her soul mate perpetuates strongly. She is revealed to the truth that one can have more than one soul mate in this life. She would be wrong many times but one day she will see him through the light in his eyes. As quoted in the book, Nothing in the world is ever completely wrong / Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. She goes on with her real and the magical world, knowing about love, passion and pain of loss. She finds her love and her soul mate. She goes through the witches Sabbath to accept her Gift. At the end it is her heart which chooses the best for her.

Brida – the protagonist, young Irish girl
Magus – A wizard
Wicca – a witch and Brida’s teacher
Lorens – Brida’s lover

Points of Magic: Brida’s trances when she sees candlelight, the witch’s Sabbath, the fact that you see the light on left shoulder of your soul mate, Brida’s awakening of all senses during passionate moments, Brida’s trance of reincarnation.

As quoted in the book:
That every moment in life is an act of faith.
You can only know a good wine if you have first tasted a bad wine.


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