Dec 19, 2012

Lipgloss: MAC Lychee Luxe, Lancome Caprice, Lancome Crazy Clementine

MAC Lychee Luxe is a coral lipgloss with golden shimmer. The gloss imparts golden coral shine on the lips which look natural and fabulous. You could see the color on lips but not heavily pigmented. The way it shines on the lips, Lychee Luxe is suitable for summers. It is heavily scented and quite sticky. Staying power on myself is 3-4 hours.

Recommendation - The sticky texture does take away some glory from Lychee Luxe, but this is one gloss which should always be carried in the bag. Compliments heavy, neutral and even no makeup looks.

from top: MAC Lychee Luxe, Lancome Caprice, Lancome Crazy Clementine

Lancome Caprice 132 is a red lipgloss from L'Absolu Creme De Brilliance range. The red has blue undertones and enhances the natural pink of lips. Color applies the same as in the tube. The texture is creamy, non-sticky and soft. Its clear red with no shimmer particles. A faint sweet scent is there which is appealing. Staying power is great and stains the lips softly. On healthy lips, this gloss provides hydration for 5-6 hours. The packaging is a black cap and the tube is transparent showing the gloss color. Lancome rose signature is printed on the tube.
It could be used in various ways. Applying it heavily gives you glossy red lips, but I prefer it the way suggested on company website. After application of the gloss, I diffuse it with finger, stays longer and appears softer. Now here is one diva combination of this lipgloss with a red lipstick. Below Angelina Jolie wears a gorgeous red lip at Golden Globes 2012.

image source: temptalia

This could be achieved by a combination of Shiseido RD415 lipstick topped with Lancome Caprice lipgloss.  The key is to diffuse the gloss texture with the lipstick color. Although I do not know what she is really wearing, but still a try.

Lancome Crazy Clementine 100 is a coral lipgloss with light golden shimmer from La Laque Fever range. The coral pigmentation is great. Shimmer is light and does not affect the texture, it is non-sticky and soft. It has a sweet citrus scent. Staying power is good and when the color fades the lips still shine slightly. This range comes in opaque mirror type packaging with colored rim which is not the gloss color (mine has a red rim). MAC Lychee Luxe is a dupe of this color but nowhere near the quality.

Recommendation - Lancome glosses are quality purchase but somehow underrated in blogging. I would repurchase the same colors once finished.


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